New Video: Boost your Milk
  1. If you’re expecting a term baby, watch Breastfeeding in the First Hour, It’s in Your Hands.
  2. If you’re expecting a very early baby, watch Expecting to Breastfeed a Premature Baby.
  3. For the complete ABCs of Breastfeeding, watch A Mother’s Touch, Breastfeeding in the First Hour.
  4. To learn more detail about hand expression, watch Hand Expression.
  5. To learn more about attachment, watch Attachment Details.
  6. To learn more about how to best use an electric pump, watch Electric Pump and Hands-on Pumping.
  7. To learn how to increase your milk supply, watch Boost Your Milk
  8. First Droplets and More for Professionals, Why Promote Pre and Postnatal Hand Expression?
  9. Rack Card for personal use.

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